Ashira Datya | Manic Monday Author of the Week

Ashira Datya has three published novels right now; Life Lost, Love Gained and its sequels, Life Goes On and Life Complete. All three are available for purchase on Amazon, and they are part of Kindle Unlimited.

All proceeds from Feb. 1 through the end of April will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, in memory of her cousin Matt, who lost his fight with CF in 2004.

Freebie Friday from J. E. Feldman

So, J. E. Feldman has an AWESOME giveaway put together for you guys! March is her birthday month, but some lucky winner will be getting ALL the presents.


March Bash Giveaway

Please fill out the form (Link Above). If you are chosen to win, you will receive a congratulations e-mail to respond to within 48 hours. One winner will be chosen on March 31st. Good luck to everyone!

TO ENTER: You must upload proof of your recent book review for one of J.E. Feldman’s on Amazon in order to be entered to win. *Must be a review in March 2018.* The more reviews, the greater your chance of winning.
Note – All of my books are autographed and can be personalized.

The Dragonscale by JE Feldman – paperback
Shadow Blossom by JE Feldman – paperback
Forbidden Rites by JE Feldman – paperback
Shadows of the Abyss by JE Feldman – paperback
Timeless by JE Feldman – paperback
Midnight Hollow by JE Feldman – ebook
Shadows of the Mind by JE Feldman – paperback
The Faerikyn Apocalypse by JE Feldman – paperback
Curse of the Heroines by JE Feldman – paperback
Tales from Haran by Elin Pettersson – PDF file
Night’s Treasure (Daughter of Nyx Book 1) by Kathryn St. John – PDF file
Frozen Soul by Catherine Banks – ebook
The Ghost in the Crystal by Matt Posner – ebook
Orison: Prequel to Swords of the Bloodline Series by A.R. Wilson – MOBI
Pirate Princess by Catherine Banks – ebook

Freebie Friday 1/26/2018

You can enter to win these five fine giveaways today!